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Historical Cultural overview

  Overview by period  
About 150,000 to 40,000 BC

Small communities of early humans live in the area of current day Croatia.
The oldest known hand made item on the territory of Croatia.
The skull of a Neanderthal from Hušnjakovo near Krapina.
About 2100 to 1800 BC

The leaders of the Copper Age-Vučedol culture create the oldest known calendar in Europe.
1300 to 750 BC

A large migration of Indo-European peoples from northern Europe to the south - the emergence of Illyric tribes on the territory of Croatia.
About 600 BC

The beginning of the Greek
colonialisation of the Adriatic coast.
229BC to 9 AD

Romans conquer Illyria. Croatian lands become a part of the Roman Empire.
4th Century

Expansion of Christianity and the start of barbaric raids on the territory of Croatia.
7th Century

Croatian tribes begin to settle on the territory of the Roman regions of Dalmatia, Panonia and Histria.
803. g.

Croatian lands become a part of the Frankish State of Karl the Great.

852 – In his identification, Prince Trpimir calls himself "with God's grace the ruler of the Croats". The oldest preservedmention of the Croat name.

879 – Pope John VIII publicly blesses the rule of Prince Branimir, which in those times signified international recognition of theindependence of the Principality of Croatia.

887 – A great victory by the Croats over the Venetian navy which had attempted to control the eastern Adriatic coast.

End of the 9th century

Students of the “Slavic apostles” St. Cyril and Methodius arrive in Croatia.

Prince Tomislav unites Croatia and defeats the Hungarians and Bulgarians.
About 990

King Držislav crowned – the first Croatian King.




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Source: Croatian Institut of History


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