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, 9 June 2011

Minister of Defence Davor Bozinovic participated on 8 and 9 June 2011 on a regular formal meeting of defense ministers of NATO member countries in Brussels (Belgium).

The discussion on the meeting was on further NATO reform, the current allied operations in Libya and Afghanistan, cooperation between NATO and Russia, as well as the possibilities of multinational approaches to building a defense capabilities of member countries.

"During the two-day meetings, NATO has proved its adaptability and determination to continue the way where it went when it comes to international peacekeeping operations", said Minister Bozinovic.

He stressed that the meeting discussed the security situation in Afghanistan and Libya and that the entire set of documents which showed that NATO was preparing for the coming period was adopted. “We also discussed nuclear strategy and cyber defense, and the progress made within the concept of Smart Defense - how in the time of economic and financial crisis that affects all NATO members we can maintain existing capabilities", said Minister Bozinovic, adding that it was best to do this through cost sharing and joint projects. "I am convinced that joint cooperation and exactly this multinational approach of NATO countries within the concept of Smart Defence will determine the future of NATO", concluded Minister Bozinovic.


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