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ZAGREB, 26 April 2010

State Secretary for Political Affairs Davor Božinović met April 26th 2010 with members of the group of experts drawing up NATO’s new Strategic Concept, led by former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Fernando Perpiňá-Robert Peyra and Bruno Racine.

State Secretary Božinović remarked that the new Strategic Concept should recognize the traditional role of NATO as a defence organization, as well as a one ready to face the threats and security challenges of the 21st century. He pointed out the importance of being dedicated to the principle of collective defence, which represents the basic purpose of the Alliance, as well as its most important security task in protecting the Euro-Atlantic space. He also emphasized the importance of the principle of indivisibility of Allied security, whose main foundation is the tight and unbreakable transatlantic bond between Europe and North America.

State Secretary Božinović advocated the continuation of the “open door policy”, expressing a wish that South Eastern Europe remains high of NATO’s agenda. The countries in that part of Europe need to be given a clear Euro-Atlantic perspective, and Croatia will assist them along that path through its experience. In that regard, Croatia applauds the conditional decision to invite Bosnia and Herzegovina into the Membership Action Plan, reached by the NATO members’ foreign ministers at the last week’s meeting in Tallinn, said State Secretary Božinović, pointing out that meeting the existing challenges in Europe itself will contribute to the legitimacy of both NATO and the EU in the eyes of the rest of the world.

State Secretary Božinović continued the meeting emphasizing that Croatia, as a NATO and soon-to-be EU member, advocates the development of a true strategic partnership and cooperation between these two organizations. Furthermore, Croatia advocates the continuation of the development of the relations between NATO and Russia, as well as the continuation of the development of partnership with the other important actors, all with the aim of strengthening international security and world peace.

Expert group members Perpiňá-Robert Peyra and Racine expressed special interest in the security situation in South Eastern Europe, and the possible role of NATO and the EU in stabilizing that part of Europe. Early May will see the final consultations with the member countries, after which the draft of the document which would include Croatia’s views as well would then be submitted to NATO secretary general.

Perpiňá-Robert Peyra and Racine were also received by Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Gordan Jandroković.


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